Where Do Interiors Designers Really Shop For Furniture And Decor?

If you can’t hire an interior designer, at least you can shop like one. And it turns out that’s easier than you think. While the public doesn’t have access to trade-only wholesalers, you might be surprised to learn that many interior designers are finding some of their best items at places where the rest of us shop every day.

I interviewed interior designers from cities including New York, Chicago and Nashville to find out where they source some of their best items from. They gladly spilled, revealing their not-so-secret sauce.

Big Box Stores

The biggest secret of the Speakeasy at 63 Wall Street is where the furnishings are from.

Next time you’re picking up laundry detergent, don’t skip the furniture and decor aisle at Target. So many designers recommend Target for everything from kitchenware to decor and down inserts. While the store is known for great prices, you’d be surprised to learn that many designers buy items for high-end projects there too. Highlyann Krasnow, founder of The Design High, has decorated luxury buildings in New York City, including 63 Wall Street and 195 Sullivan Street. She revealed, “For small furniture items and decor, we often source from Target. They have a great selection of small tables, sconces, stools, poufs, room and wall decor.”

Deidre Doherty of Deirdre Doherty Interiors says Ikea can be a great place to shop if you don’t want to overspend. “As much as Ikea has a bad wrap, there are some good staple pieces like wall mirrors, bath accessories and you can also upgrade their standard sofas with custom legs for a designer look. This works great for kids areas when you don’t want to break the bank.”

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