Wall Decor Ideas That Make A Bold Statement

Say bye to beige. Eschew ecru. Big and bold, but highly-curated walls are having a moment. Walls are no longer just places to hang things we simply like or are attractive to our eyes, but rather, we are using these spaces to reflect who we really are. From classic wallpaper to nouveau neon, here are seven ways to make every wall in your home stand out like a museum of your own unique style and spirit.

Photo Walls

Just one the million ways to create a photo wall

Sometimes DIY means “Delegate It Yourself.” Warren Sturhl, CEO and founder of MyPhoto and Wallkeepers, revealed the secret to those Pinterest-perfect looking walls is to have them professionally designed and installed.

It also turns out that a lot of effort goes into making photo walls look effortless, he explained. “We are seeing people become more experimental with style and color in displaying photos. They are steering away from simply putting all photos in the exact same style or frame. We recently introduced a new group of frames in a variety of metal finishes because we know that mixing metals is popular now in design.”

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