The 12 Best Coffee Makers of 2019

Most of us rely on a cup of coffee from our favorite coffee maker to rouse and energize our sluggish bodies, especially in the morning. But, not all kinds of coffee can satisfy our taste buds. Aside from using high-quality coffee beans, the extraction method is also essential in bringing out a flavorful cup of joe. The most common process is the use of a coffee maker. So, what makes a great coffee maker?

First, you need to check the brewing temperature. Keep in mind that brewing at a lower temperature will result in weak coffee. Using a high temperature, on the other hand, will lead to a very bitter cup of java. Thus, the best machine will have a brewing temperature between 195 to 205° F. Aside from that, you also need to consider the product’s durability and usability.

Coffee makers are also a breeding ground of harmful microorganisms. So, opting for products that are easy to assemble and clean is crucial not only for optimum performance but for safety as well. Of course, you also need to consider the end product of the brewing cycle – your coffee’s flavor.

With all these factors to consider, choosing the best machine can be a daunting task. So, to help narrow your search, here are the 12 best coffee makers of 2019.

Moccamaster 59691 KBG

Moccamaster 59691 KBG

If you’re searching for a fast-brewing coffee maker, the Moccamaster 59691 KBG should be on your list. Basically, this product has a copper-based heating system that allows it to brew 10 cups of coffee for about five to six minutes. But, there’s more. The Moccamaster 59691 KBG has a glass carafe on an electric hot-plate that can hold the coffee temperature between 175 to 185 °F. Through this, your coffee’s flavor and quality are not compromised even for a long period. The best part is that this model is easy to disassemble. As such, you can easily pull it apart when you’re using or cleaning it.

The downside is that the Moccamaster 59691 KBG is a bit pricey (more than $300) compared to the other products on this list. The brew basket also looks a little cheap for a first-class coffee maker. Even so, this model is still a notable product considering the flavorful coffee you’ll get from this machine.

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