Small Space Design Ideas To Take Home From Hotels

Small spaces can be a challenge to decorate, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. If you need some great inspiration, it’s time to log out of Pinterest and check into a hotel. Hotels rooms are some of the best examples of how small spaces can be beautiful, yet efficiently designed. Whether you are trying to decorate or build from the ground up, here are some concepts you can take away from three fabulous Southern California hotels.

Use A Bar Cart As A Nightstand

Cheers to this great design idea.

Bar carts have become so ubiquitous that you can buy them everywhere from Design Within Reach to Kmart. While they have become a trend in living room furniture, don’t necessarily limit them to that space. You can swap out a nightstand in your bedroom for a bar cart like they do at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar in San Diego. While this isn’t giving anyone permission to drink first thing in the morning, it is a style choice worth toasting to.

Bar carts are also a fun addition to any studio apartment, where the bed might double as a sofa. Or skip the side table and use a bar cart instead. This can be a really efficient choice if you don’t have enough kitchen cabinet space for all of your bottles and accouterments like shakers and decanters.

Arrange the cart as if it were a regular table, keeping lamps, books, etc. on top. Then use the bottom shelf for bottles and glasses. Choose decorative wine and liquor like a pink bottle of Alacran Tequila or even a classic bright blue bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin.

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