Modular Sofas Make High Design Affordable. Here Are Three Collections to Know.

By need or by want, modularity has pervaded all corners of the design world. Modular wall storage? Sure. Modular plant boxes? Why not. Modular beer brewing systems? Naturally. Modular smart watches? You guessed it, yes.

Recently, we’ve seen modularity take hold of sofas, too, allowing a person to customize to their needs and wants. Modularity allows you to buy a sofa for one apartment, move into a house and simply add an extra seat and make a couch, or a chaise and make a sectional and so on. In this way, modular furniture makes high design democratically economical — it’s an investment in the present and future living spaces you inhabit. And it’s one less thing you have to sell when you move. What follows are three lines of modular living room furniture that literally bend over backward to fit into your lifestyle.

Ikea x Tom Dixon

IKEA has launched a flurry of collaborations in the last year, but few are tagged with designers as high profile as Tom Dixon. The self-taught Brit’s collection, called DELAKTIG, labels itself “open-sourced” as opposed to modular, but it’s effectively the exact same thing. Start with a seating platform (think a couch or chair without a back) of your chosen size and build up with attachable end tables, back cushions, arm rests, chaises, lighting and ottomans. The felt covers comes in charcoal, grey and navy and are completely removable. Or, buy a pre-built system. Swedish for “involvement,” DELAKTIG encourages users to make their tastes a reality. (DELAKTIG is available in the UK and Europe, but not yet in the U.S.)

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