Influencers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets To Designing An Instagramable Living Room

We’ve all tapped on social media images featuring clean and clutter-free living rooms with lots of bright light. However, #designinspo doesn’t always reflect real life. After all, living rooms need to be places where you actually live. While decorating easy, having a space fit your lifestyle is something else entirely. So, what are the secrets to having both? I spoke with influencers, entrepreneurs and even a reality television couple who have managed to achieve this goal and share how it’s not as hard as it looks.

Sean And Catherine Lowe

This living room is their reality.

Sean and Catherine Lowe, who met on The Bachelor, have gone from reality television stars to creating a beautiful reality for themselves. In 2017, they launched their furniture line Home by Sean and Catherine Lowe exclusively for Wayfair. Every piece in the collection is stylish, comfortable and family-friendly.

They chose the Bailey Sofa for their own living room because it was the perfect gathering place for everyone in the house. “We wanted to design an oversized sofa that can comfortably accommodate the whole family. The Bailey fits that mold. It’s one solid piece (and is delivered in one huge box). It is made with the softest fabric we could find. It’s also the first piece which we’ll be introducing in a leather so we’re really excited about that.”

But decorating for a family isn’t simply about choosing larger furniture. Lowe suggests being realistic about what your needs are. “Make sure the space is meant to be lived in. We’ve seen countless rooms that are beautiful to the eye but aren’t practical for families and probably won’t hold up to kids bouncing all over the place. In our home, we wanted our family room to be the epicenter of our house so we created a space that’s aesthetically stylish and cool but super comfy and meant for children.”

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