9 Expert Tips To Take Your Airbnb’s Design To The Next Level

With more than 5 million listings worldwide and over 400 million travelers using the platform to date, Airbnb has never been more popular. The share economy has upturned the hospitality industry into a digital-first business where anyone can run their own hotel out of their home.

As Airbnb hosts are increasingly looking to elevate their homes in order to attract more guests, some companies like Airbnb management platform Hostmaker have created design-oriented offerings to fulfill this need. At Home With Hostmaker is its in-house design arm that creates custom interiors for homes. Rates start at around $225 per room and the service is currently available for hosts in London, Lisbon, Barcelona and Bangkok.

According to Laura Ward, Design Director of At Home with Hostmaker, a well-designed home attracts more bookings on Airbnb and guests have a more enjoyable experience from the moment they enter the door.

“[Guests] get there and they experience a consistent style throughout, which kind of makes them feel that the host cares about their home, which I think is quite important,” Ward said. “It’s important for the reviews as well, to get good feedback. If you take time to curate a nice design, it’s something that’s going to stay in people’s minds.”

The At Home with Hostmaker team shared ten of their top design tips to instantly take your Airbnb listing to the next level:

Designed for Comfort

Firstly, you want your guests to feel as though the space has been thoughtfully designed with their needs in mind. It doesn’t cost a lot to craft something a little more special! Add coat stands in the foyer or a chalk board in the kitchen with some quick recipes jotted down. Place an ottoman in the lounge for travelers’ weary feet after a day of sight-seeing, or make sure there are enough towel pegs in the bathroom to hang extra fluffy towels.

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