7 Tips for Doing More Meaningful Street Photography

While it takes time to master the technical skills needed to excel at street photography, I think the most difficult aspect of the genre is trying to figure out what you are trying to capture. I get this question a lot, “What should I be looking for?”

This is why street photography is a genre where experience is second to none. You can get comfortable capturing strangers candidly, you can learn to technically capture your images perfectly, but finding your voice is something that takes years of experience, exploring, and organizing of your images.

Ultimately, I can’t answer this question as it’s up to you to figure out what to capture, however I can give some tips and ideas to help figure it out.

A Powerful Expression.

Photograph constantly in areas that you frequent and know well.

Practice street photography in areas that you know well. If you know an area well then you will be able to describe it well in your photographs. You will already know how it ticks, the weird nooks and crannies, and the type of people that live nearby. Use photography as a way to explore your area and to portray it to others.

Ultimately as you get better, you will be able to photograph in areas that you don’t know well as you explore them. This is important. However, it takes a very skilled photographer to be able to be transported into a place that they don’t know well, survey the place, and be able to take poignant images. More often than not the images will feel touristy to an insider that lives in the area.

The best place to to develop your photographic voice is near home.

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