5 Reasons Why You Should Be Brewing Coffee At Home

Over the past two years, I’ve gotten myself accustomed to the basic methods of brewing coffee at home in lieu of snagging a cup from the nearest fast-food joint or Starbucks, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Learning to brew at home is a gateway to a much greater world filled to the brim with the freshest coffee beans, and here’s a list of reasons as to why you should be doing it.

1. It Will Save You Money

Photo by andrew welch | Unsplash

Brewing coffee at home will always save you money compared to buying out in the exact same sense of eating out and cooking at home. It may be a hefty investment when getting the equipment, but buying new kitchenware is the exact same kind of investment.

For instance, an Aeropress pack with paper filters will cost you between $30-40. A Hario Skerton blade grinder costs around $50. After this upfront investment, you can pick up 6lbs, or approximately 2.7kg of beans at a nearby Costco for $40 (you can also buy just one bag for $15-20, but online purchases are only available in 2-packs). One cup of Aeropress coffee uses around 15g, so your pack of fresh beans will last you for around 180 cups. Could imagine how much you would be spending on 180 cups from Starbucks?

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