13 Timeless Design Tricks To Try In Small Homes

The first chapter in Brown’s book presents a project by Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect known for concrete formed and poured to perfection, and for sparsely furnished abodes.

But minimalism need not be lack of stuff. Another way to think of it is as keeping spaces clear by putting the stuff away. Therefore lots of easily accessible storage (easily accessible being the most important part of this tactic) works best in freeing spaces from clutter.

Living Low

Thessaloniki Apartment

If there is one technique in Brown’s book that would find the most resistance in the West, it’s definitely sitting on the floor or sleeping on futons on the floor. Yet as this apartment in Greece shows, such a tactic is individual rather than cultural. Areas of sitting and lounging are formed by wood strips that snake around the living area to become benches and flooring.

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